The Necessity of Custom Food Packaging

These days, starting a business is almost as easy as opening a can of tuna. With the spike in of online shopping and e-commerce platforms, the business landscape has never been more competitive. If you’re in the food and snack business, keep reading because you’d want to know how to stay ahead of your competitors.

It’s no rocket science to figure out that the visual outlook of a product is the first thing that grabs a shopper’s attention. If you’re looking for a way to outperform your competitors, it’s time to switch to custom food packaging.

First impression matters most, and with custom food packaging, you’ll get to deliver an exceptional consumption experience to your customers. Anyway, that’s just the tip of an iceberg. Continue reading to find out the benefits of custom food packaging.

Key Benefits of Custom Food Packaging

1. Building Customer Loyalty

Custom Food Packaging

Don’t you agree that we are in a buyer’s market? With the overwhelming choices and attractive prices, your customers are spoilt with a growing variety of food items. Looking at how competitive it is, you are probably wondering how you can build a loyal customer base. There are no prizes for guessing it right, a custom food packaging should be your answer to that.

Firstly, get an expert to design your logo and label that speaks about your brand. Next, ensure all particulars are included on the product packaging. If you are producing dried foods like snacks, your product references such as nutrition facts, ingredients, and manufacturer’s details, should be clearly displayed.

Alternatively, you could also highlight how your product can be consumed – these details should be clearly printed as well as they will make an impact on the consumer’s purchase decision. A quality custom made packaging fosters trust among consumers as it shows how much effort a brand is willing to put into its packaging.

At Sonoco, we deliver a completely customizable packaging so your product will stand out on the shelves. We have a team of experts to ensure your brand messaging and visual identity remain consistent across containers and across the globe.

2. Professional & Premium Look

Custom Food Packaging Malaysia

Customize your food packaging in a way that elevates your product image. A well-designed packaging is a brand manager’s greatest tool to engage the overwhelmed consumer. More brands are switching from the traditional plastic packaging to a more premium packaging like paper containers. Not only does it look more presentable, but it also provides extra protection to the products inside.

Customized packaging, like paper containers, excels at providing physical protection for delicate foods and maintaining freshness, both before and after the container is opened. Thus, it addresses consumers’ concerns when opening a food product.

Consider Sonoco’s paper can packaging, for example, its round and shaped container delivers brand personality, performance, plus protection.

3. Leveraging Seasonal Promotions

Custom Food Packaging Malaysia

As consumers ourselves, we are drawn to promotional or remarkable marketing messages printed on products. However, some messages tend to be seasonal depending on your business’ sales goals for of that period. Unfortunately, not all types of packaging are flexible enough to support that and it can be a hassle and a costly exercise if you got get it printed wrongly.

Depending on your product and needs, Sonoco’s paper cans would be a good choice if you are considering for a more flexible packaging option that can fulfil your business needs. Sonoco’s paper containers are attached with paper or foiled based closures that are perfect for including to include any branding details. Coupled with a flexible printing support, its paper cans come with attractive finishes that can be customized for your promotional activities.

4. Keeping Your Products Fresh

Custom Food Packaging for Fresh Food

You and I know that the content inside the packaging is what that gets us going back for more. The flavour and taste are what drive consumers to repurchase, but it is equally important to have a protective packaging to keep it fresh at all times.

You wouldn’t want your chips or cookies to go stale after opening it for only a few days. Instead, you may want to look for a custom-made food packaging that can store your products in an airtight condition. Otherwise, a poorly designed packaging might affect the taste and flavour of your product and its texture.

Sonoco’s customizable paper food packaging is designed to provide physical protection for delicate foods and maintainfreshness, both before and after the container is opened. Its containers come with a variety of easy-to-reseal plastic overcap, which provides consumers an added value as it saves them from transferring the food to a different container.

5. Convenient Volume Changes

Custom Food Packaging in Malaysia

Premade food packaging like plastic containers, don’t give you a lot of flexibility to explore size variations for your food products, especially if you plan to expand your product segment. If your business is growing rapidly, perhaps it’s time for you to also consider a custom food packaging like Sonoco’s.

Its paper can packaging allows you to decide how many product variations you’d like to roll out based on your business goals. Sonoco’s paper cans range from small “on the go” size that fit in a cupholder or handbag, to seasonal volume promotions. Perfect to cater for different groups of audiences.

6. Embracing Technological Advancements

The latest technologies in custom food packaging, like smart packaging that incorporates QR codes or NFC technology, are revolutionizing customer engagement. These technologies can provide freshness indicators or temperature-sensitive materials that change color to show spoilage, adding a layer of innovation and customer trust to your products.

7. Cost-Effectiveness and Efficiency

Custom packaging isn't just about aesthetics; it's also cost-effective. Optimized packaging can lead to savings in transportation and storage, and the long-term benefits of customer loyalty and brand recognition can significantly outweigh initial costs.

8. Customization Options and Flexibility

The customization options for food packaging are vast, ranging from different materials like paper cans, glass, metal, and bioplastics to various printing techniques and design features. This flexibility allows businesses to tailor their packaging to specific products and brand identities.

9. Brand Storytelling and Marketing

Custom packaging is a powerful tool for brand storytelling. It's an opportunity to communicate your brand’s values, history, and product information, enhancing your overall marketing strategy and fostering a deeper connection with customers.

10. Enhancing Consumer Convenience and Experience

From the consumer's perspective, custom packaging can greatly enhance the user experience. Features like ease of opening, resealability, and portability, tailored to specific user groups, can significantly influence purchasing decisions.

11. Responsible Packaging for a Sustainable Future

Sustainable Custom Food Packaging

Many businesses are starting to realize the importance of responsible material sourcing and the its impact on the environment. Many of the packaging seen on the market today are disposable but most of them are not the friendliest towards our environmental wellbeing. The increased in CO2 emissions has always been a concerning issue, and there are no signs of slowing down – we have been part of the problem.

However, custom packaging like Sonoco’s rigid paper container doesn’t always have to come with an unfavourable impact. There’s always an alternative, and it comes down to whether we are willing to make a switch.

In fact, our sustainable packaging, EnviroCan™ is a great alternative to consider. This paper container’s body is made of 100% recycled fibre, of which 90% comes from post-consumer resources.

By opting for a friendlier packaging material, it helps with your business reputation and encourages shoppers to purchase

Elevate Your Brand with Sonoco's Customized Packaging Solutions

At Sonoco, we are continuously innovating and working towards producing the right product packaging for you. Our paper containers deliver personality, performance, and protection. If you’re looking for a packaging that stands out, get in touch with us today to learn how we can help your business to achieve its goals.