Food Packaging by Sonoco Malaysia

Food packaging plays an integral part in the ever-expanding food industry in Malaysia. According to a news report, the packaging industry in Malaysia is estimated to grow from 15.4 billion units in 2019 to 18.5 billion units by 2024. Among the leading industries are food and non-alcoholic beverages with a 60.3% and 26.6% market share respectively. Hence, excellent food packaging has become vital for food manufacturers as it helps maintain and preserve the quality of the food for consumers. 

Moreover, packaging materials like flexibles and paper & board are seeing a surge in demand in the Malaysian food industry. Consumers are now looking out for foods in smaller portions with resealable options as there has been an increasing demand for ready-to-eat foods due to a change in lifestyle and habits. Plus, the rising awareness towards environmental impact has driven the urban population towards eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions.  

Since 1975, Sonoco has served Asia with its industry-leading packaging. Known as the best and largest food packaging supplier in Asia, Sonoco aims to provide only the highest quality of food packaging with the finest packaging materials. Made from biodegradable materials, Sonoco’s food packaging is designed with environmental consciousness in mind. 

This article will walk you through the materials used in Sonoco’s food packaging, the importance and benefits of food packaging, and how to choose suitable food packaging in Malaysia.

Materials Used in Sonoco’s Food Packaging

Food Packaging Malaysia

The Can Body is Made of 100% Recycled Fiber

Our flagship container – a paper container with a steel bottom – meets the performance needs of the markets we are committed to serving. The can body is made of 100% recycled fiber, of which 90% comes from post-consumer sources.

As part of our responsibility to make a positive impact on the environment and communities, we also serve as a valued partner to our corporate customers to help them reduce the environmental impact of their packaging.


Sonoco’s paper can packaging also comes with aluminum closure to choose from. Aluminum is known to be highly resistant to most forms of corrosion and provides an effective barrier to air, temperature, moisture, and chemical attack – ensuring delicate foods, maintain its freshness, both before and after the container is opened.

At Sonoco, we believe People Build Businesses by Doing the Right Thing. This principle guides all our actions and hence, our paperboard containers are designed to reduce carbon emissions especially during the manufacturing process, while keeping your products fresh and protected.

Food Packaging Malaysia

Why is Food Packaging So Important?

With improved living standards and lifestyle, urban Malaysian consumers are getting more particular in aesthetics, encouraging companies to innovate its packaging to stand out on retail aisles and foster consumer engagement. 

Hence, choosing the right food packaging has since become a crucial element to consider. The right food packaging should provide easy storage and protection for processed food in a cost-effective manner, while meeting industry food safety requirements and consumer desires, and minimizing environmental impact.

Food Protection

Excellent food packaging delivers brand personality, maintains the quality and benefits of the processed food, and most importantly extends the shelf-life of your product. However, a great-looking packaging alone won’t attract repeat buyers. Choose the type of packaging that can leave you with a peace of mind, as the right packaging excels at providing protection for your food, ensuring your consumers get to enjoy the best version of your product, without jeopardizing its freshness, taste and quality. 

Marketing and Information

Besides food protection and perseverance, excellent food packaging plays an important role in marketing and information to consumers. A well-designed food packaging will help brands stand out in the crowd, and provide consumers with sufficient nutritional information at their disposal.


At Sonoco, our priority is to provide consumers with convenience such as ease of access, handling, resealability and ease of storage. We believe good packaging plays a vital role in minimizing the effort necessary for consumers to prepare, serve and enjoy the food.

Food Packaging Malaysia

How to Choose the Right Food Packaging?

Packaging Materials and Sustainability

The growing concerns for the environmental impact of packaging have also driven manufacturers to introduce packaging formats with claims such as recyclable and eco-friendly attributes to gain trust among consumers. Thus, it is crucial to choose food packaging that leverages biodegradable and recyclable materials that help drive sustainability in the community. 

Packaging Size and Design

Food packaging comes in various sizes, shapes, and designs. At Sonoco, our food packaging is customized based on your brands’ functional and aesthetic needs. It can be manufactured in almost any shape or size: tall and skinny, short and broad, or wide-mouthed like a coffee can, quickly meeting your product’s and brand's requirements across various markets and through numerous promotions and marketing changes. 

Packaging Transportation

The ideal food packaging should also allow the food to be transported safely from your facility to the shelves without being damaged. 

When it comes to exporting the products overseas, the right packaging will be able to cope with the unpredictable environment and protect the delicate products inside. At Sonoco, our packaging solution is specifically invented to support brands’ export chain, with proven experience in products like powdered beverage, seasonings, snacks, chips and nuts markets.

Why Choose Sonoco Food Packaging?

Sonoco recognizes the importance of well-designed packaging as it is essential to engage consumers and ultimately influence their purchase decision. Thus, our food packaging is designed to address the top three purchasing factors when choosing a packaging: resealability, convenient storage, and ease of opening.

Share with us your details to learn more about our products and packaging options at Sonoco, and our team of experts will walk you through the services that we offer.