Snack consumption in Malaysia is expected to grow annually by 5.6%, according to the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) by Statisca within the year 2021-2025. Consumers are known to turn to snacks due to ease of access and the packaging that meets the needs of current past-faced lifestyles.

At Sonoco, we designed our food-grade tube packaging with utmost care and perseverance to give clients the highest quality products for snack storage and consumption. Our snack packaging is made from biodegradable and renewable materials to ensure environmental sustainability, not only to benefit end-users but also the environment.

Snack Packaging



High Mobility

Our top priority at Sonoco is to provide high-quality products with high mobility for our end-users' convenience. Our snack packaging is designed to offer clients safe transportation of the product while keeping their contamination at bay.  

Convenient Storage

Our snack packaging at Sonoco, with our great packaging features, has proven to offer clients and consumers convenient storage. Light packaging, with resealable overcaps and membranes made out of biodegradable materials, our snack packaging is easy to travel with and allows consumers to preserve the products for an extended time. 

High Perseverance

The right snack packaging prevents or reduces product damage and food spoilage, saving energy, vital nutrients, costs, and protecting consumers’ health. Besides, the right and high-quality snack packaging material can help present and store food hygienically and desirably. 

Snack Packaging



Our snack packaging at Sonoco consists of easy-to-reseal plastic overcaps for top closure. This feature is designed to ensure convenience for end-users during snack consumption. The resealable plastic overcaps will let consumers have the freedom to eat when they want while maintaining a fresh product inside.

Additionally, to ensure a top-shelf solution that attracts consumer attention to the brand, our top closures plastic overcaps ranges from transparent, coloured, and embossed options.

Aluminum Ends

A high-quantity aluminum easy-to-open ends are added as a bottom closure for all our snack packaging. In storing and keeping the products fresh, our team at Sonoco is dedicated to providing clients and end-users with the utmost product protection. With our top-quality aluminum ends, the snack's taste and quality before, during, and after the packaging is opened can be preserved.

Peelable Membrane Closures

Additionally, at Sonoco, our food-grade packaging consists of an underside membrane that is easy to peel. This feature is designed to preserve product freshness. As we strive to improve our consumers' quality of life by maintaining high-quality products, we also ensure to use recycled fibre content for the body of the paper canister to continue to protect the environment.

Other Customised Features

While designing our snack packaging, the precedence is to prioritise resealability and convenience for end-users and make sure the freshness of products and brands stands out amid crowded store shelves for our clients.

Thus, at Sonoco, we provide other customised features on our snack packaging for brand identity and appeal with embossing, additional shaker top, or full-open with scoop options.

Custom Packaging for Snacks

Leveraging the latest technology and renewable resources on our snack packaging, we offer clients customised packaging to meet their product needs. Among snack packaging available at Sonoco are nuts packaging, dried fruits packaging, and food-grade tube packaging.

Known as tube packaging, our food-grade packaging is used for storing delicate and dry foods like chips and powdered beverages. Our snack packaging at Sonoco has various sizes in height and diameter that will allow your brand to have a significant presence on the retail shelf.


With sustainability as our goal, most of the materials used to make Sonoco's snack packaging are from used tubes and cores recovered from customers and are recyclable. Learn more about our innovative and environmentally friendly packaging or drop your information, and our team of committed experts will get back to you on the services that we offer.