Potato Can Packaging by Sonoco

As Malaysians' favourite snack, potato chips exquisite packaging is designed with Sonoco's utmost care for quality and taste perseverance. Essentially, can composite packaging is intended for consumers' ease of use, portability, and convenience. 

Notably, there are can packaging, and plastic packaging for potato chips and different packaging gives a different product experience to consumers. Now, let us look at the difference between composite can packaging and plastic packaging for potato chips.

Potato Chips Packaging

Composite Can Packaging


Composite can, also known as rigid paper or paperboard containers help prevent delicate foods like chips to crush. This packaging also helps in preserving the quality of your favourite snack. Primarily, the freshness of the products can be kept longer with resealable lids. 

Besides, composite can is constructed with multiple layers to increase protection. This multi-layer packaging is best to store delicate foods. The first layer of a composite packaging is the can body ply. It is made of recycled paper. Next, comes a variety of internal liner structures for barrier protection.  

Composite can packaging for potato chips also has an easily peeled membrane at the top to seal the products. This extra layer guarantees consumers with fresh chips to devour. This type of packaging is designed for ease of travel and organization.

Potato Chips Packaging

Plastic Chips Packaging

Another type of packaging for potato chips is plastic packaging. A typical potato chips bag is made up of multiple layers of polymer materials. The materials are Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) on the inside, low-density polyethene (LDPE) and BOPP in the middle, and an outer layer of Surlyn®, a thermoplastic resin. Each layer performs a specific function to store potato chips. 

However, the downside of plastic packaging is that it is hard to reseal once open, and it is not easy to travel with and organize. 

Potato Chips Packaging

Why Packaging Matters

Good packaging helps a brand stand out from the rest. Being different draws attention to your product and fosters brand loyalty. Regardless of your product, your packaging can be used to differentiate your business. Besides, research shows that people have a tendency of choosing certain brands for their refined and high-quality packaging. 

To capture the attention of consumers, brands need versatile packaging materials. They will also need technologies to enhance the snacking experience through appealing designs and highly functional packages that will provide consumers with convenience. 

We specialize in rigid paperboard containers at Sonoco. We have proven experience in the snacks, chips, nuts, and powdered mix markets. Our containers will keep your product fresh and protected while standing out to consumers amid crowded store shelves.

Contact us by providing your information details for our team of experts to consult you on your needs or services. Seize the opportunity to customize your packaging with more options to satisfy your customers and differentiate your brand.