Paper Tube Packaging and Its Benefits to Consumers

Paper tube packaging is undeniably a unique and creative way to store products. There is a widespread global growth of packaging design that incorporates tube packaging into their brands and commodities.

At Sonoco, we offer you various sizes and heights for our packaging tubes that are beneficial for operational and marketing needs.

Paper Tube Packaging

What is Paper Tube Packaging?

Also known as a paper can or paper tube, this type of packaging can be used for many purposes. From storing delicate and dry foods like chips, coffee grounds, and powdered beverages, paper tube packaging comes in a variety of sizes in height and diameter that will allow your brand to have a significant presence on the retail shelf.

Benefits of Paper Tube Packaging

Paper tube packaging, commonly known as paperboard packaging, is a versatile, durable, and sustainable solution for a wide range of products. At Sonoco, we've harnessed these attributes to create packaging that not only meets your specific needs but also offers several distinct advantages.

Let's delve into the many benefits our paper tube packaging brings to your products and your brand.

User-Friendly Paper Tube Packaging

User-Friendly Design

One of the many benefits of our paper tube packaging lies in its user-friendly features, such as resealability, ease of opening, and convenient storage options.

These attributes not only offer practical value to the end-user but also enhance their overall experience with your product.

highly durable paper tube

Optimal Protection and Freshness

Our tube packaging, constructed from composite fibre, provides excellent physical protection for delicate food items, safeguarding their quality and freshness both before and after opening the container.

Moreover, Sonoco employs a patented radial crush tester to measure the radial strength of paper cores. This process will allow us to ensure that products kept in our tube packaging are safe from crushing so as to preserve your product's quality.

This makes our packaging a great choice for preserving the integrity and longevity of your product.

customized paper tubes packaging

Customization for Brand Enhancement

We understand that your packaging needs are unique, and that's why we offer highly customizable solutions.

Our paper tube cylinder packaging can be tailored to nearly any size, color, or finish. Whether you're seeking a tall, slender container, or a short, broad one, we're committed to satisfying diverse market needs and seamlessly adjusting to promotional changes.

Such versatility ensures your brand and product stand out amidst competition, effortlessly catching customers' attention.

Secure and Lightweight Paper Tubes

Secure and Lightweight

To complete your packaging solution and further customise the can, we offer various functional and speciality closures such as Easy Open Ends, and Peelable Membrane Closures that provide security and tamper evidence.

Plus, our packaging solution, made of paper, is impressively lightweight and easy to handle and transport, adding to its many advantages.

environmentally friendly cylinder packaging

Sustainability and Durability

When considering logistics, our cardboard cylinder packaging is environmentally friendly but also remarkably durable, asserting itself as an ideal packaging solution. Its exceptional ability to keep moisture at bay is key in preserving the freshness of your product. By choosing our packaging, you're also making a sustainable choice, contributing positively to the environment.

Paper Tube Packaging Design

Crafting Durable and Aesthetically Pleasing Paper Tube Packaging Design with Sonoco

Paper tubes that are made of cardboard sheets wound together to create a strong and durable cylindrical shape. During the manufacturing process, the paper or paperboard sheet layers are bonded together using adhesives. The paper tube packaging's wall thicknesses determine its crush resistance which is essential in maintaining the safety of the product inside. 

A paper tube's body holds great marketing potential as it can be wrapped in stunning colors and graphic labels which best showcase and sell the company's brand. Having eye-catching package designs will capture the attention of consumers when they are shopping.

Sonoco offers customers a unique variety of paper tube packaging, and high-quality labels to help you create an appealing, finished product. We provide a platform for your brand to tell people its story through captivating graphic visuals printed on a cylindrical container.

We deliver fully integrated and individually tailored artwork and pre-media graphics management solutions to maintain control of your valuable brand identity.

Biodegradable Paper Tube Packaging

Embracing Sustainability: Our Biodegradable Paper Tube Packaging

At Sonoco, sustainability isn't just a corporate initiative. It's ingrained in our product development process.

Our paper tube packaging, EnviroCan, reflects this commitment. Made from recycled and biodegradable materials, EnviroCan is both an eco-friendly and practical packaging solution. Our carefully selected recycled paper is transformed into robust, lightweight, and versatile paper cans, ideal for various packaging needs.

By opting for Sonoco's EnviroCan, you're investing in a reliable packaging solution that also supports global sustainability efforts. This choice reinforces a positive environmental impact, allowing your brand to contribute significantly towards a healthier planet. We are proud to enter this journey with you.

Customizable Tube Packaging Solutions

Explore Our Variety of Customizable Tube Packaging Solutions

Sonoco Asia offers paper cans with four main diameters, 68mm, 73mm, 99mm, and 130mm, with a variety of heights depending on your preference.

We provide customised features that consist of various types of overcaps, end caps, and peelable membrane closures that will meet your products' requirements.

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