Nuts Packaging by Sonoco Malaysia

Since the pandemic, there has been an increasing awareness on health-related topics – everyone seems to be embarking on healthier lifestyles and practices to combat the virus. Even long before the pandemic, there has been a steep trend focusing on health and fitness activities such as going to the gym, eating clean, substituting certain foods with healthier options, all for the sake of building a healthier body. Foods like granolas and nuts have seen an increase in demand in recent years, where many are replacing cereals with nut-based foods instead. The need for nut products increased dramatically during these years when the research revealed that nuts contain unsaturated acids and other nutrients and have numerous health benefits.

The increase in the demand for nuts has also lead to increasing demand for nuts packaging. As the demand rises, so does the competition. Brands need to source for packaging that stands out from the crowd. To a certain extend, food packaging plays a significant role in influencing shopper’s purchase decisions on nut products.

Packaging products that come with an attractive appearance, convenient storage, resealability, ease of opening do increase the chances of being considered from the shelves.

Features of Sonoco’s Nuts Packaging


With the improved lifestyle, we are seeing an increasing usage and disposal of food packaging to encourage convenience. However, the overwhelming supply of food packaging has produced a negative impact on the environment.  Most modern food packaging is designed for single-use, cannot be recycled, and manufactured from non-biodegradable materials. As a result, it not only causes water pollution but also pollutes the air and soil.

Sonoco’s food packaging is designed to produce less harmful impacts on the environment. Its paper can packaging are made of materials like recycled paper, part of its efforts to manage its carbon emissions. We also serve as a valued partner to our corporate customers to help them reduce the environmental impact of their packaging, as well as waste to landfills of their facilities.


Provide Physical Protection For Delicate Foods And Maintaining Freshness

Foods like nuts do not typically get completely consumed immediately and hence, it is typically stored in a container after it is opened. The freshness of a packaging product usually will degrade after we open the packaging as air is in contact with the food. Sonoco’s paper containers serve as a great food packaging for nuts – it preserves freshness both before and after the packaging is opened.

Nuts packaging produced from Sonoco’s paper cans are vacuumed-sealed to help prevent damage from air and moisture. Our nuts packaging forms substantial barriers to humidity, light heat, and other external factors to ensure your nuts' freshness for a longer time. The food packaging also comes with a resealable overcap, where consumers can easily reseal back the nuts packaging after opening it without worrying about the degradation of freshness for the nuts.

Nuts Packaging

Sizes, Heights, and Diameters Customization

The increasing demand for nuts packaging has also fueled competition in the packaging market. Choosing the right packaging is critical in delivering product performance and it shapes brand personality. Sonoco offers a customized packaging service with a wide selection of shapes, sizes, and diameters for your nuts packaging. Customization in nuts packaging can allow the brand to have a demanding presence on the retail shelf. Our container heights and diameters are easily adaptable to fit special usage occasions or retail space considerations, costing little change-over time.

Premium Nut Packaging

Great-looking nut packaging creates a strong impression and it also helps shoppers to narrow down their choices based on the practicality of the packaging. With increasing attention given to the quality of the packaging, premium nut packaging has grown in relevance on shelf. From cover tops and closures to finishing, you can choose from a variety of label options like matte, hot stamping or foil label to deliver a premium presentation and stand out on the shelf.

Ultimate Product Protection

At its most basic level, food packaging functions to protect the products inside. Our paper containers are made with durable layers of material that can protect your nuts from potential damages during the transportation process from your warehouse to the store shelf, to prevent damages and remain in good condition when it reaches the hand of end-users.


Our nuts packaging is convenient, comes with a premium appearance and is durable to protect your nuts product from external damages. If your business wants to deliver an excellent product performance and contribute less impact to the environment at the same time, Sonoco’s nut packaging is a good choice for your business. Sonoco is constantly working towards meeting our responsibility by developing innovative new processes and by identifying and managing risks and opportunities to our raw materials inputs, operations, employees, suppliers, customers and products. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help drive sales and protect your product.