Dry Food Packaging Solutions by Sonoco

Snacks and dried foods are gaining traction among consumers. Portability, ease of opening and resealability have become significant factors in consumers' purchasing decisions. Thus, at Sonoco, we are committed to finding the most innovative and effective product solutions through our ongoing development and deep customer understanding.

Sonoco’s food packaging is perfect for food taste persevering and making sure clients’ brands stand out among the shelves’ crowd. Our paper dry food packaging comes in various options that utilise technologically and advanced materials to keep clients' product's taste intact and provide unique and creative packaging designs that win the crowds.

Dried Fruits Packaging

The Features of Paper Can Packaging for Dried Foods/Fruits


Sonoco's paper can packaging is an excellent choice for dried food products due to its resealability feature. This feature allows consumers to easily access the contents of the package and then securely close it to keep the remaining food fresh. The resealability feature helps to prevent food from becoming stale or exposed to air, which can cause it to lose its flavor and freshness over time.

Ease of Opening

Sonoco's paper can packaging for dried foods is designed with ease of opening in mind, featuring an easy-peel membrane and a resealable lid. This makes it simple for consumers to access the contents without the need for special equipment, enhancing their overall experience with the product.

Ergonomic Handles

Our dry food packaging includes an option to have ergonomic handles in different styles and sizes for consumers to making it easier to carry and handle the product and eventually add value and increase consumers' convenience. 

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The Importance of Dry Food/Fruit Packaging

Limit Exposure to Moisture

Essentially, once foods have been dried, you would want to limit its exposure to moisture. Sonoco's dried food packaging is a great way to preserve the food's taste and help prevent moisture from ruining the food. The easy-to-reseal lid plays a crucial role in preserving the quality of the dried fruits. By preventing moisture and oxygen from entering the package, Sonoco's paper can help to keep the fruits fresh and flavorful for longer periods, ensuring that customers can enjoy high-quality dried fruits every time they open the package. 

Easy Storage

Having excellent packaging is essential for storing food for up to 18 months. Besides, Sonoco's dry food packaging includes additional features and convenient options for consumers to keep and travel with.  

Food Presentation 

Besides preserving the food and providing consumers with convenience, dry food packaging works as an excellent food presentation with various unique designs, materials, shapes and sizes of packaging to be displayed on the shelves.

Environmental Friendly

At Sonoco, we work to ensure our dry food packaging is environmentally friendly by using sustainable and reusable packaging materials that are easy to dispose of and handle.   

What Makes Sonoco Dried Fruit/Food Packaging Different?

With sustainability as our goal, most of the materials used to make Sonoco's dry food packaging are sustainable and reusable. Learn more about our innovative and environmentally friendly packaging or drop your information, and our team of committed experts will get back to you on the services that we offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Food Packaging Keeps Food the Freshest?

Various packaging materials are used for dried foods to maintain their quality and extend shelf life. Common materials include plastic bags, sealed pouches, aluminium foil, paper-based packaging, and glass containers. The ideal packaging material should be moisture-resistant, oxygen-resistant, light-resistant, and insect-resistant to ensure that the food remains fresh and safe for consumption.

What is the Best Packaging for Dried Fruits?

The best packaging material for dried fruits depends on several factors, including the type of fruit, storage conditions, and the intended duration of storage. Moisture-resistant, oxygen-resistant, and insect-resistant packaging materials like vacuum-sealed bags, Mylar bags, and glass jars are typically suitable for storing dried fruits.

However, paper-based dried fruit packaging can also be effective, especially if it is wax-coated or lined with a strong barrier that helps to lock out moisture. In particular, paper cans are a type of paper-based packaging that can be a good option for dried fruits. They are made from sturdy, moisture-resistant paperboard and can be lined with a food-grade coating to prevent moisture and oxygen from entering the package.