Iconic Cookie packaging brings back many fond memories, it reminds us of some part of our childhood; By just seeing its packaging brings back nostalgic feelings and evokes precious memories.

With attractive packaging that complements a delightful taste - it sure makes a lasting impression to consumers of all ages.

Consumer tastebuds may have changed from sweeter to healthier options, but the love of cookies will never change.

How Does Attractive Cookie Packaging Elevate Your Brand

Excellent packaging influences consumer’s psychology behaviour by inflicting purchase intention. Attractive cookie packaging can elevate your brand and create a positive affiliation with your product.

Visually appealing cookie packaging captivates shoppers and creates an impact on product sales. A well-designed cookie packaging can make your brand stand out from shelf competition with custom made unique packaging design plus excellent label finishing; this leaves a long-lasting impression and increases the chance of purchase among consumers.

The right cookie packaging also has the potential to position your brand’s own unique identity in the market, which can help differentiate your brand from competitor products.

The Common Types of Cookie packaging

Cardboard Boxes For Cookies Packaging

Cardboard Boxes

Food packaging cardboard boxes are generally made of thin sheets, not corrugated cardboard. In most cases, boxes are the most common form of packaging due to their convenience and ease of use. These boxes can be customised in different sizes according to the size and shape of your cookie.

Paper Cans for Cookies Packaging

Paper Cans

Paper cans are a greener alternative to plastic bags and other materials. This is because most paper cans are made from renewable resources. They can be used to move, carry, and store items with efficiency and flexibility. There is a growing awareness on paper-based packaging in the market, as it is engineered to be sturdy yet lightweight and can be tailored to meet specific product requirements or customer needs.

Pillow Bags for Cookies Packaging

Pillow Bags

As the name implies, pillow bags are shaped like pillows, which are what they take on when they're filled. In filling the bag, the middle balloons and the sides flatten out, removing the top and bottom seals. Usually, pillow bags are used for products that can be served in single servings

Flat Bottom Bags for Cookies Packaging

Flat Bottom Bags

This pouch packaging is designed to give additional support when packing and storing your products. They have a rigid and robust structure, which means they can carry a larger volume of products while maintaining a visually appealing appearance on the shelf. It has quad-seals, side gussets, and a flat bottom to provide rigidity and more filling volume than other flexible packaging pouches.

Flat Bottom Bags for Cookies Packaging

Flexible Pouches

Generally, flexible pouches are single-use bags made of metal foil, plastic, and occasionally paper. It is commonly found on supermarket shelves worldwide, including across different parts of the world, to wrap and package a wide range of items, from snack foods to industrial liquids, which are often packed in these bags.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Cookie Packaging Manufacturer

Cookie Packaging Manufacturer


1. Type Of Cookies

The type of cookies you want to package plays an imperative role in choosing the right manufacturer. For example, if you're selling soft cookies like wafer cubes or egg rolls, you should look for a manufacturer to produce your cookies in airtight containers.

2. Crush-Resistant Protection

High-performance, rigid paper cans with crush-resistant paperboard construction excel at protecting delicate food items such as cookies, chips, and dried fruits.

When it comes to consumable goods like cookies, there is no room for compromising food safety and product freshness. SONOCO's packaging uses barrier technology to enhance product shelf-life performance and lock out moisture while maintaining the aroma of your yummy cookies. It is also important to have a built-in tamper-evident tear band that helps uphold the product’s integrity while indicating whether the package is safe for use. When food packages are hermetically sealed, you can ensure that the freshness and quality of the product will not be compromised at any time.

3. Convenient and Easy Carry

Versatility plays a big role in your choice of cookie packaging. Paper cans that are equipped with resealable closures to help maintain the product's freshness between uses by keeping oxygen away, allowing consumers to enjoy cookies at their own pace. They will not have to worry about its freshness or their sweet aroma after as they enjoy them at their own pace. Paper cans that are designed for smaller servings are ideal for bite-sized or snack packs that consumers can easily carry on the go. You can easily place them in a car's cup holder or fit them into a backpack or a woman's purse.

Tips on Designing Good Cookie Packaging

1. Utilize High-Definition Graphic Labels

Designing good and unique cookie packaging can be tricky, as the right look can be key in enticing customers to buy your cookies. Make sure to use high-definition graphic labels that are eye-catching and mesmerizing. Additionally, use clear and concise labelling to help customers understand what's inside of each individual package. Here are some different finishing options that you can try: 

hot stamping

Gloss UV, Matte UV, and Spot UV 

Depending on how you intend to engage your business with consumers, a touch of any of these 3 UV finishing can make a difference not just from its looks but also feel.

Hot Stamping

With hot foil stamped stickers, you can create a wide range of customized designs and even use your logo or artwork to make them look unique. It gives your packaging a more formal touch and can be embossed as well. Metallic foil is applied by using a hot foil stamping process to paper with an engraved plate.

Festive Colours and Designs for Cookies Packaging

2. Use Festive Colours and Designs To Celebrate The Holidays

A rigid paper can’s laminated wrap all-around label provides an opportunity to add in a range of seasonal colours and designs which best represent the holiday spirit. Festive packaging will excite consumer senses and create a lasting shopping experience by displaying eye-catching visuals on packaging to reinforce the company’s brand identity.

Impactful Cookies Packaging

3. Create Playful but Impactful Packaging That Will Appeal To Children

Food packaging has a big impact on young children. One of the ways to attract them is by having interactive food packaging. Paper cans have ample advertising space to add in fun puzzles or games for kids. Using simple but distinctive artwork designs to promote memorability among kids and establish a strong brand identity.

Why Should Paper Cans Be Used for Cookie Packaging?

The use of paper cans allows for better merchandising and increased shelf visibility over plastic cans

Rigid paper containers provide an attractive wrap-around concept that's well suited to contour eye-catching graphic concepts that can be used to boost branding opportunities for your product.

Rigid paper containers have a much stronger shelf appeal when compared with other packaging solutions. It possesses attractive labelling on its exterior, which makes it easy to spot at the point of sale due to its eye-catching appearance.

SONOCO Cookie Packaging Mockups

Here are some of our unique cookie packaging ideas to help give you a better visual idea of what we provide:

SONOCO Cookie Packaging Mockups

Why Choose SONOCO for Your Cookie Packaging

There is so much more to a cookie than just filling your needs and meeting the market demands if you want it to be memorable and impact your customers.

At SONOCO, we can help you determine your needs and customize your cookie packaging to showcase your brand’s story and personality, setting it apart in the crowded food aisle.

Founded in 1975, Sonoco Asia has provided a solution tailored to the consumer brand’s identity and needs for markets and audiences in Malaysia, Singapore, China, Thailand, and Indonesia. We serve these key market segments: salty snacks, confectionery, powdered beverages and stacked chips. Talk to us, and see why Sonoco’s paper cans are the optimal choice ad how we offer quality assurance guaranteed at every step of the way!