From freshly roasted beans to a perfect cup, coffee packaging plays an integral role in the coffee industry.

People love coffee because of its delicious taste and bittersweet aroma, making it one of the world's most popular drinks.

The taste of the coffee not only relies upon the quality of the roasted beans but on the right packaging too as it holds the key to preserving and maintaining its freshness, aroma, and taste.

Investing In Good Coffee Packaging Matters to Your Brand

Packaging is essential in preserving coffee beans while maintaining their aromatic characteristics. As coffee beans are among the most perishable foodstuffs, the right packaging made from durable materials will prevent the oxidation process, keeping the coffee beans fresh and flavorful for months. Meanwhile, poor packaging can cause the flavors of coffee beans to degrade from exposure to moisture.

Investing in good packaging is a must as attractive and unique coffee packaging enhances brand awareness and elevates shelf appeal.

With SONOCO’s coffee packaging solutions, you're sure to get the perfect balance of style and functionality. We produce coffee packaging that's unique, eye-catching, and outstanding to grab consumers attention at one glance.

Our unique coffee bean packaging is developed using strong, rigid paper cans designed to lock in the rich coffee flavor. We have a team of experts that help design the perfect iconic coffee packaging that will not only capture hearts and markets across the globe but also preserve the coffee's distinctive aroma, taste, and freshness.

Popular Types of Coffee Packaging in The Market

Explore the most common types of coffee packaging available in the market today, including cylinder packaging, side-fold pouches/ coffee bags, and flat-bottom packaging. Each option has its own unique features and benefits, from maximizing retail shelf space to ensuring product freshness and convenience.

Cylinder Coffee Packaging

Cylinder Coffee Packaging

Also known as paper can or paper tube packaging, it is becoming increasingly popular and appealing to consumers worldwide. Besides coffee, it is commonly used to store delicate and dry foods such as chips, coffee beans, dried fruits, and powdered beverages.

Retail shelf space can be maximized with this type of stackable packaging as it comes in various heights and diameters. Its material is strong, sturdy, and crush resistant. This packaging stands out when displayed on crowded shelves thanks to its attractive packaging design and captivating visual space.

Flat-bottom coffee Packaging bags

Side-fold Pouch Packaging

The flat-bottom pouch has a square design, allowing it to stand unassisted. It has gussets on the left and right sides along with a fastener on top for additional strength, durability and space. It is common for bags with flat bottom pouches to be made with multiple layers to protect them from external factors such as light, oxygen, moisture, and heat. and heat.

Flat-bottom Packaging

Flat-bottom Packaging

The flat-bottom pouch has a square design, allowing it to stand unassisted. It has gussets on the left and right sides along with a fastener on top for additional strength and space. It is common for flat bottom pouches to be made with multiple layers to protect them from external factors such as light, oxygen, moisture, and heat. and heat.

How To Choose the Right Coffee Packaging?

With so many packaging options available, what is the right packaging that would suit your brand?

Choose the Right Coffee Packaging

Your Brand Story

Powerful product packaging has the ability to create dynamic and engaging stories about the company’s brand. Your coffee packaging reflects your company's values and conveys the origin story behind your coffee.

The product packaging functions as a key touchpoint for establishing a connection with your customers and delivers the whole brand experience to them.

Packaging Material Used

Don’t overlook the importance of packaging material as it will make your product look more attractive and valuable in consumers eyes. Many consumers are also now environmentally aware and have turned to less harmful packaging.

Sonoco’s paper cans are made of 100% recycled fiber. Our paperboard containers are rigid and are capable of protecting food content efficiently. Thus, making it a sustainable option by helping consumers to reduce food waste. Additionally, it is also less expensive to produce, and ship compared to metal cans due to its weight difference plus, they perform just as well as metal canisters in abuse resistance and shelf life, making them a strong contender among brand owners.

Packaging Label

The secret behind making your product stand out is appealing to consumers with the right labels. Shelf appeal plays a significant role in showcasing your branding wrap to visually captivate and attract curious shoppers as well as customers.

Sonoco’s paper can design allows smooth printing surface to fill labeling illustrations with our state-of-the-art gravure cylinder engraving operations and rotogravure presses.

Label options include matte, hot stamping, and foiling for a premium presentation and shelf presence. All these details help add a luxury element for a nice finishing touch to the packaging.

coffee Packaging Functionalities

Packaging Functionalities

The main basis behind coffee packaging is to preserve and protect the beans inside the coffee bag, especially during the entire storing and logistic process. It's crucial in maintaining the quality and integrity of the coffee beans.

Sonoco's paperboard cylinder container includes a high-barrier liner that can help maintain the flavor of coffee beans.

Our innovative valved Ultraseal® membrane end makes coffee containers easy to open, re-close and store. This flexible end creates a hermetic seal to lock out oxygen and a unique valve that releases built-up pressure from the natural degassing process.

Hence, this eliminates the need for extended hold times for degassing while maximizing the aroma. Your coffee roast will remain as flavorful and aromatic as the way your end users love it.

Eye-catching Coffee Packaging

Tips On Designing Eye-catching Coffee Packaging

Less is More

Keeping your layout clean and organized helps you get your message, and your brand noticed. Simplicity is key in promoting a clear, impactful brand through the right channels.

Logo visibility

Your logo should be easily visible and legible. Avoid using complex designs that drown your logo and ensure that it is noticeable when consumers view your product packaging.

Choosing the Right Colors

In packaging, colors play a critical role in attracting shoppers. The use of vivid, striking color combinations on packaging will be the first thing customers notice.

A Good Balance of Elements

Besides colors, the right combination of shape and texture can set your coffee packaging apart. Dare to be different and use innovative designs such as cylinder paper cans to have a more distinguished look.

Maintain Brand Consistency

Applying a consistent style to the packaging will help your target audience recognize and resonate with your brand.

Typography-led design

Clear typography conveys a strong brand message to consumers. It helps make your labels legible and easy to understand, which improves consumers' clarity around what they are buying instead of confusion due to the complex text presentation.

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